Sunday, June 24, 2012


I've recently been working on getting a simple web app working with clojure. The first step was to pick a web framework. Having no real reason to pick any one in particular, I used the rigorous process of googling "clojure web framework" and picking the first web application. That turned out to be Noir. The simplicity of getting started on the first page looked nice, but not reality.

I was working with clojure 1.4.0 and lein 2. The process on Noir's front page is for clojure 1.2.1 and lein 1, which I either missed or they missed. After trying a bit, I posted on the forum, and got some quick help. With lein 2, creating a new project is more like:

$ lein new noir myproject

There are at least a couple of more steps before I feel I've got the dev environment going:
  1. Write a `hello world` app.
  2. Develop through slime/swank.

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