Monday, October 6, 2008

cl-wiki, wilbur now in my svn repository

I have been reorganizing my svn repository. All the public projects have been moved to This includes cl-wiki and wilbur. I'm forking cl-wiki, as the current maintainer isn't interested in further developing the project. And wilbur as it exists on sourceforge is dead. In emails exchanged with Ora Lassila, I found out they are putting out a successor project named piglet based on Python and C++. I'm not likely to be interested in that.

The key reason behind these steps is that I wish to develop a semantic wiki in Common Lisp. There are many pieces I see in this effort. The following are just the starting point:
  • A wiki. Therefore cl-wiki.
  • The ability to import and export OWL. Therefore wilbur.
  • A triple store API. To be factored out of wilbur.
  • A triple store. Again, to be factored out of wilbur.
I don't know how to put together a triple store, or how to organize the triple store persistence. So this is going to be quite a learning experience. The reason for refactoring wilbur is twofold:
  • Multiple software components will access the triple store. Just in the list above we have two: the import/export component and the wiki.
  • Having a standard triple store API will help interoperability as new CL components are (might be? could be? am I just dreaming?) developed.
Given the key role of the triple store API, refactoring wilbur will be the next step.

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