Thursday, July 10, 2008


Once again I'm going to attempt restart blogging.

I am still going through the photos from India. Taiwan's done. They have been going on to flickr and picasaweb. Though I'm putting our personal photos only onto picasaweb. They have better privacy control facilities.

I've also received positive feedback from another photographer I'd met at the SF photography meetup. It's given me impetus to find a used 24-105mm to replace my current 28-135mm, which I'd describe as a decent consumer lens. There are far too many instances where the 28-135mm has fallen short, and this is my most frequently used focal range. An improvement here will be an improvement across most of my photographs.

On the work front, I've started looking again into financial planning. I'm extremely interested in seeing what can be done with socially constructed ontologies. However, there aren't all that many examples of such ontologies. And there are even fewer examples where these ontologies have been subjected to reasoning. (Rather, I haven't found any examples where reasoning has been applied to socially constructed ontologies.) I should look at the biomedical wiki and other biological ontologies a bit more closely. I believe these involve trained individuals guiding the construction of the ontology, so it may not be fully in the socially constructed sphere.

On the programming front, still spending all my time with Common Lisp. I took a stab at Python a little while ago, and will go back to it soon. I'm underwhelmed, to put it bluntly. There is syntax to make some operations that are more verbose in Lisp a bit more compact. But the language isn't really interactive. Anything you had created in memory goes out of date once you update the definitions. And speaking of updating definitions, there isn't a straightforward way of reloading all updated source files. The language is interpreted, not really interactive. Contrast that with Common Lisp, where you have a well defined protocol for updating an instance to an updated class definition... This is not even considering all the differences between the languages. I have yet to experience anything in Python that has shown convincing superiority over Common Lisp.

Finally, finances. I've been losing money. The market is becoming cheaper from a long term perspective. But I don't have, at present, funds to invest. A lot is tied into the remodeling of the house. There are nagging doubts about whether we've taken the right approach to managing our money. But it is too late for that now. I still don't know how easy or hard it is going to be for us to refinance. I hope we can get to it in the next couple of months. We really need to wrap up construction by then.

That's it for now. More tomorrow.

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