Monday, July 28, 2008

Photos from India and Taiwan posted!

It took me a while, but I'm finally through processing all the photos I had taken in India and Taiwan. I posted them on picasaweb and flickr. I clearly have a long way to go in developing my photography... I also upgraded my 28-135mm lens to a 24-105mm L lens. My first L lens. And it is fantastic! Even zoomed in at 100% the pictures are sharp as can be.

I took the lens out for a test run around Stinson Beach. There was fog covering the whole area, except a hole around the beach that let in some nice warm sunlight. The beach though is far from photogenic. Not really all that much worth photographing. So I got some spectacularly sharp photos of fairly generic stuff, like sand, and seagulls, and sunbathers. All the exciting stuff happening off shore, like pelicans diving for fish, was too far for me to capture with this lens.

The lens is considerably heavier than the 28-135mm, but definitely seems to be a great investment. We'll be going to Lassen soon, which will give me a chance to really give the lens a workout.

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