Monday, July 14, 2008

More camping trips planned!

Took a trip up Mission Peak again on Saturday morning. It was good, but we're both out of shape. This is a hike we should be able to do in less than two-and-half hours. With loads. So we need a lot of practice. We're taking an optimistic outlook, and have made reservations at June Lake, Lassen, and are trying to get a decent reservation at Angel Island. June Lake is near Mono Lake, and is going to be a launching pad to the White Mountains. Home of many bristlecone pines, the longest lived individual organisms in the world. I've never been to the Easter Sierras, so I'm really excited about this trip. It'll be freezing up there at night, but that's OK. It'll be worth it. Hiking at over 7000 ft for a couple of days!

I'll take lots of photos, naturally, but I wonder how I'm going to put together the time to sort and process all of them. We're talking at least another thousand photographs over the next couple of months. And I'm having a hard time getting through the India photos. I'm having a great time creating bluer skies in my photos than I had caught at the actual time of taking the photo. It really creates so much more drama in the photos. I also tried creating a panorama using hugin from some photos I'd taken at Rajaji National Park. Took forever, and ultimately I had to discard half the photos I had taken for the panorama. It didn't matter though, I still ended up with an image multiple megabytes in size. I'm not sure whether it was really worth putting together that panorama... It isn't *that* good.

I wish we'd been at Rajaji when the elephants were out. Oh well.

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