Monday, January 21, 2008

Merging blogs

I've decided I need to blog more frequently. And having a single blog is going to help me in that endeavor. Being a programmer, I naturally can't just copy and paste the blogs. No, I am going to try and do this through software. Open source lisp software. On windows.

I must be mad, that's not going to work. There isn't a decent SOAP library for CL, which makes this project a non-starter. An alternative might be to use FOIL to construct a Lisp to Java bridge, and use the Java APIs to fetch data from blogger.

How about I just do this in Java instead? Lisp has a very small role to play in this process, so I'd spend all my time figuring out how to move data from Java to Lisp and back, without really doing anything interesting or sophisticated in Lisp.

Pragmatism wins.

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