Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New toy!

I recently got myself a new lens: the Canon 10-22mm EF-S. I always wanted a wide lens, but couldn't find anything suitable given the reduced sensor size. I looked around and picked out three: the Sigma 12-24mm, Tamron 11-18mm, and the Canon. The Canon is the most expensive of the three, but the quality of the images I'm getting from it is exceptional. (Especially after getting a friend's help in cleaning out the camera sensor! Very important!) The salesperson that helped me out at Calumet steered me away from the Sigma, due to sample variance. The Sigma though has the distinction of being a full frame lens with that wide a view. The glass though has to bulge out to the extent that putting any sort of filter on it is impossible. The Tamron turned out to be a good lens, but much clunkier. And noisier.

I've now taken a few photos with the lens. Problem's right now with the photographer, and not the lens. We recently took a trip to Mt Tam, and went up to the east peak. I tried taking some wide landscape shots. Getting close enough to the edge to get an unobstructed view was difficult for me, given my fear of heights. So many of the images turned out rather unsatisfactory. I also tried on Mission Peak, and I think had more luck there. Still a lot to learn. Exciting!!

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