Monday, July 9, 2007

The server is dead... Long live the server!

I've maintained a server for my use for a long time now. It's been sitting in my place, sucking up power, serving up content. And it has done a fine job. However, data on the server, and on my home machines, was fragile and unutilized.

I spent the weekend switching my domain over to Google, and moving all my mail to Google Mail. Despite some negative reviews, I have rented space on Dreamhosts, not just for their space but also for their SVN repository. All my blogs are now on their own blogger domains. There's safety and relief in giving up control. I'm trying to set up a backup regimen. I found some software, and started a backup. But the sheer quantity of data that needs to be backed up is daunting. Sending over many gigs of data to a remote host is a slow process, even on a relatively fast network connection. I don't know how long even a single full backup is going to take.

So far I'm as satisfied as can be. Though it's a bit unsettling just how little email I get, when all the spam has been cut out. I miss my spam.

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