Thursday, July 19, 2007

Setup nearly there

I neglected wrapping up the migration to the new dreamhost server. To serve my domain from dreamhost, I had to transfer my DNS hosting from to dreamhost. A minor disappointment. I had pre-paid all the way up to 2009. After transferring DNS, I forgot to update my blog URLs. Now that's fixed. All seems to be working.

Backups are working. I split my backups into five sections. The largest of them, music, doesn't change. I'm considering turning that to manual. I added lots of photos from our trip to Carmel, which have been correctly backed up. I'm happy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Trip to Carmel

We took a trip to Carmel, CA last weekend. See the photos: Carmel and Point Lobos. Carmel is a little "village" that deliberately hides away most modern public conveniences. Such as street lights. The houses are expensive, and amazingly well kept. And rather small. Surprisingly tasteful, much more so than I was expecting. We stayed at the Sea View Inn. I enjoyed myself. It was a wonderful break from reality. The nights were dark, and quiet. A passing car became an obvious disturbance, rather than the routine that it is in a city. Point Lobos is a state park just south of Carmel. Quite amazing. My camera got quite a workout over the weekend, I think I got some of the best photographs I've ever taken.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Lessons from multiple backup failures

No matter how fast your internet connection, backing up 20 odd GB of data is going to take days. And is quite likely to fail before completion. Now to see if backing up in smaller chunks works.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

McLaren Park

The big park in the neighborhood is now McLaren Park. The park's beautifully situated, occupying a hilltop with views of the bay on one side, and Glen Park on the other. It is also one of the wildest parks in San Francisco, it would appear. It tends to be rather empty. The vegetation and paths are quite rough. The park on the whole feels quite unloved. A neglected park in a neglected corner of the City, with Excelsior on one side, and Visitacion Valley, Bay View etc. on the other. The micro-demographics of San Francisco are as numerous as its micro-climates.

Monday, July 9, 2007

The server is dead... Long live the server!

I've maintained a server for my use for a long time now. It's been sitting in my place, sucking up power, serving up content. And it has done a fine job. However, data on the server, and on my home machines, was fragile and unutilized.

I spent the weekend switching my domain over to Google, and moving all my mail to Google Mail. Despite some negative reviews, I have rented space on Dreamhosts, not just for their space but also for their SVN repository. All my blogs are now on their own blogger domains. There's safety and relief in giving up control. I'm trying to set up a backup regimen. I found some software, and started a backup. But the sheer quantity of data that needs to be backed up is daunting. Sending over many gigs of data to a remote host is a slow process, even on a relatively fast network connection. I don't know how long even a single full backup is going to take.

So far I'm as satisfied as can be. Though it's a bit unsettling just how little email I get, when all the spam has been cut out. I miss my spam.