Wednesday, August 2, 2006

XML tools for lisp

I've been trying to find a good set of tools for manipulating XML/SVG in common lisp. There are a bunch out there, but as should be expected many of them are near unusable. After eliminating those that I considered to be obviously poor choices due to their syntax, or their license, I was left with XMLisp and cxml. In the process I also learned a great deal about asdf and asdf-install. It's odd that in spite of having used lisp for such a long time, I haven't really had a chance to work with these pieces of code that the lisp community has put together.

First the XML tools. XMLisp is a fascinating idea, to be able to turn expressions typed on the REPL into CLOS objects, and vice versa. However cool the idea, there are many things I found wrong with this approach. There isn't enough documentation. A set of examples is not a clear specification of the program's behavior, which is all that comes with XMLisp. It isn't clear how content and attributes are distinguished. I considered how something like XHTML would be manipulated in XMLisp. It appears one would have to encode every tag manually as a class. This is an error prone operation, and a maintenance nightmare. Finally, there's namespaces. It isn't clear if XMLisp handles them correctly.

cxml by comparison is well designed. It handles namespaces correctly. It creates a DOM tree for a document, or can function as a SAX parser. The documentation is better, though still feels a bit inadequate. I haven't actually tried doing any real work with it, so I can't say with any certainty. The documentation also indicates an awareness of DTD's. Tonight I hope to take some time to see if I can manipulate XML documents thruogh cxml. Finally, cxml is available through asdf-install.

As I've already mentioned, asdf and asdf-install are relatively new beasts to me. I have been largely working with ACL and ACL specific tools so far. They tend to be good, but I have had some issues with them. asdf-install is so far straightforward to use, even with gpg. There are a few loose ends, but not asdf-install's fault: broken gpg key access, etc. Installation of packages is one thing, their management is another, though, and the latter can't be known until I have worked with asdf-install for a little while.

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