Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Computer game critical analysis

I started thinking yesterday about the critical analysis (in the literary sense) of computer games. After all, games can be a vehicle for telling stories and conveying ideas, eliciting physical and emotional responses. So they should be open to the type of analysis applied to literature. A quick google search brought up the following:

A review of Kuma:War.
The Art of Computer Game Design, though I think this might have been put online accidentally.
An Esquire article, lamenting the lack of game criticism.
An academic paper, Computer Game Criticism: A Method for Computer Game Analysis, by Lars Konzack, that attempts such criticism., a blog.
A one day conference announcement.

So there is something to my thought, hope I can make some time to read up on all this.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Dubai: Same country, different place

On to Dubai, the biggest city in the UAE. And the best. Dubai has been growing at a frenetic pace. There are buildings coming up everywhere, including buildings being developed on man made islands in the shape of a palm... the tallest building in the world... buildings of every shape possible. It's hard to imagine that this sort of development can be sustained. But it's worth going there just to see how things are going. Speaking of going there, they are also building a six runway airport.

This is my own photograph of the Burj Al Arab hotel. I don't usually find buildings all that attractive.

This is the beach next to the hotel. It is not a picture of bikini clad beach bathers.

Next to the Burj Al Arab is another hotel with an attached mall. They have tried to create a sort of an Arab Venice. The canals are of course decorative. The construction is very tasteful. Being there felt very pleasant.

Me in a mall in Dubai watching a world cup game. The screen was huge, the crowd was large, and we had front row seats.

Abu Dhabi Wrapup

A long overdue wrapup of my last vacation. Expect two more posts after this.

This photographs are of the Abu Dhabi Marina Mall, and its surroundings. The mall is built on what used to be just water when I had first arrived in Abu Dhabi. A breakwater was extended shortly after, and that's how it remained for a long while. Eventually a road was built on the breakwater. They then put up a few gardens, and that's when I left. Now when I returned there was this huge mall, housing, etc. on the way. All this happened in about five years time, eclipsing the twenty years that I had known before then.

This photograph is through the mall's glass roof under a (presumably observation) tower, obviously still under construction.

This is a little soccer court (properly called football) inside the mall.

A good view of the Abu Dhabi skyline.

The brand new Emirates Palace Hotel.