Saturday, June 17, 2006

The homes my parents have had

So I thought I'd put together a series on the homes I've lived in and visited in Abu Dhabi. Here's a little photo journey. I'm actually fortunate to be able to put this together. Many buildings in Abu Dhabi have changed rather drastically.

Here's the first. This building was amazing back in the day. It was one of the few in Abu Dhabi with central air conditioning, practically a necessity out here. We had inherited it from an English family. We thought them a bit stiff when they had visited us. I was.... nine? I don't even remember how many bedrooms it had. Three, I think. Of the interior I remember nothing, save that it came with two thick rugs made of the skin of some animal. My brother still has them.

It is a bit of a miracle the building's still standing. There was an empty space in front of the building when we had first moved in, and the one to the left was much shorter. This all changed while we were still living there. I remember seeing the one in front (with the KFC sign) come up.

The second and third apartments were in the building in the center. Once again, this building dwarfed the other two on either side. The first place was a three-bedroomer on the tenth floor. My father got promoted, and we moved up to the fifteenth floor, the penthouse. That was the first time I got my own bedroom. The view from the building was nice. (It's no longer there, more on that matter in another post.) We had a view of the Marina (a sports and social club) and a bit of water. That was where we were living when I came to the US to study. It was around the time of the first Gulf War. I saw US ships in port from my home.

While living in the penthouse, we saw the building on the left grow up from a two story deal. The building on the right was replaced after we had moved out.

This is I believe the last building my parents had occupied before his brief stint in Dubai. (Unfortunately I didn't visit while they were in Dubai, a much more happening city than Abu Dhabi.) When my parents had moved in, the building was new, the apartment was huge (four bedrooms, a huge living room, a dining room, a lobby). I think I visited there twice.

After returning from Dubai, my parents moved into this building. It apparently has been here a long time, though I can't remember. Again, the place is huge. I have emphasized the hugeness of the third and fourth place because my parents now live by themselves. Four bedrooms for two people seems a bit excessive to me. Maybe I'll change my mind as I get where they are.

What doesn't come through here is that all these buildings are in a two block area. You could visit all four in about a fifteen minute walk.

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