Tuesday, May 30, 2006

XMen 3 mini-review

Went to see XMen 3 on Monday. They killed off too many major characters, and didn't do enough to introduce the new ones. A decent movie by summer movie standards, but nowhere near as good as the first one.

Skip the food

My wife, her brother-in-law and I went to the Caledonia Street Fair in Sausalito over the long weekend, on Sunday. Of particular interest to us was the Taste of Sausalito, which boasted ten local chefs and five wine tastes, for a bargain price of $35. The price seemed far from a bargain when we got two one inch square pieces of Chicken Tandoori from Gaylord. Lukewarm. It's sad when you have to hunt for scraps after spending $35 per person. The wine we coldn't complain about, it would have been a much better event had we elected the $20 unlimited wine tasting.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blogs getting closer

So I've got my blogs in respectable shape. But now I'm realizing that to do things right I'll have to undertake some radical reorganization. I want two different sites, once for home and one for projects, the latter being Fours and Fives, and the former sfmishras.com. Doing so will require changing DNS settings, setting up apache virtual servers, moving content around the filesystem... In short, more time than I right now have to spare. I'll let this slide until I have the server's failing drive addressed, and my desktop fully set up. Today I've finally managed to get it to where I can program on it. Woohoo!

Setup still incomplete

Working on setting up my home machine, my web site, etc, etc. Gaim and Norton Internet Security aren't playing well. Gaim is able to connect to AOL, but not yahoo, when norton internet security is up. The colors on my new flatscreen weren't looking right, so I had to adjust my stylesheet. The differences had previously been too subtle anyway, so perhaps this is a good thing. My blogs are now on my home page, but not the other way around. Lots still to go to make the whole environment work correctly... And not enough time.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

First post

(defun hello () "world")

Setting up blogger.com sftp

So, how do I set up sftp from blogger.com to my own web server? I'll run a little experiment with a new blog I'll now create, 4-lisp. I have my own web server, now the trick is to turn it into my own blog server for 4-lisp.

Step 1: Set up the ssh ports on the server. I'm running sshd on a custom port. My router receives a request on the custom port, and forwards it to my server on the standard port. Now I create an inverse mapping: the router receives a request on the standard port, and forwards it to my server on a custom port. I manage traffic coming on the standard port using the server's firewall.

Step 2: Set up the sftp server. This is a no brainer, as there's an sftp server already running. We must create the necessary paths in the server, and set up permissions.

Step 3: Register the sftp server with blogger .com. The entire process turned out to be quite painless.

See the blog here.

sshd applies same options to all ports?

I've discovered an unfortunate detail about sshd, it does't seem to support independent options for the ports it is listening on. I use a custom ssh port on my server, which blogger doesn't support, and don't want to open the standard port. I think I'll be combining the standard port with a firewall to ensure blogger is the only one sending content to my server through sftp.

My First Post

Testing out the blogger service. I'll have more to say once I have figured out how to get this thing working.